ADD Claim Denied Due To Marijuana

Our law firm recovered benefits for a client whose accidental death claim was denied due to an illicit drug exclusion in the insurance policy. The insured died in a single vehicle crash after he lost control of his motorcycle. His cause of death was stated as multiple blunt injuries and the manner of death was classified as an accident. The insured’s toxicology report showed that he tested positive for Delta 9-THC in the amount of 0.75 ng/mL. The insured was covered under a group life insurance policy which included an accidental death rider. The accidental death rider contained an exclusion which read:

A Loss is not covered if it results from any of these:
(…) Being under the influence of or taking any non-prescription drug, medication, narcotic, stimulant, hallucinogen, barbiturate, amphetamine, gas, fumes or inhalants, poison or any other controlled substance as defined in Title II of the Comprehensive Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Act of 1970, as now or hereafter amended, unless prescribed by and administered in accordance with the advice of the insured’s Doctor.
The insurance

The insurance company denied our client’s ADD claim noting that although the decedent sustained an accidental bodily injury that resulted in his loss of life, he was under the influence of a hallucinogen and the claim, therefore, did not meet the group policy’s benefit provisions.

Our law firm was successful in recovering the denied ADD benefits within two months of the date of the denial letter. If your accidental death claim has been denied due to the drug exclusion, please call us for a free consultation.

Children of Deceased Insured Paid in Beneficiary Dispute Settlement

Kadetskaya Law Firm represented children of an insured who was covered under a group life insurance policy. The children came to us after unsuccessfully trying to obtain payment from the insurance company. The clients’ parents were divorced and, as part of the divorce, their father was ordered by court to maintain his employer-provided life insurance coverage and name his two children as sole beneficiaries on the policy.


Claim Denial Reversed: Increased Premium Policy Lapsed

The insured purchased a life insurance policy with the set monthly premium payments for the first 10 years. In the 11th year, the premium increased significantly. The insured diligently paid all premiums that were due for 10 years. In the 11th year, when the increased premium was due, the insured was gravely ill and did not remember about the payment increase. The insurer did not send any notices to him about the increase and the insured’s online life insurance account showed no changes in the premium.


$500,000 Delayed Claim Paid After Foreign Death

Our client contacted our law firm for help after her life insurance claim had been delayed for several months. The insured in this case died in a foreign country, and the insurance company began a lengthy foreign death investigation. Generally, if the insured person dies abroad, the insurance company investigates every detail surrounding the death. In this case, the investigators travelled to the country where the death occurred, interviewed local authorities, questioned witnesses and examined death records. Needless to say, our client was bombarded with unreasonable demands for a lot of information, documents, records, etc. This added a lot of stress to our client, who was at the time grieving the death of her parent.


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