Every life insurance policy has a provision outlining a procedure for filing a claim.

It usually describes how soon after the insured’s death a claim for benefits should be submitted. It specifies such details as the deadline for submitting a new life insurance claim, notice of claim, and proof of loss. It also describes what claim may be rejected if filed improperly.

One of the reasons a life insurance claim may be denied is because a claimant failed to submit Notice of Claim and Proof of Loss in a timely manner.

In many cases, if a claim for benefits is not submitted by a deadline set up in the insurance policy it can result in denial of benefits. Life insurance beneficiaries whose claims have been denied due to a failure to submit a claim by a certain deadline may still recover the denied claim by with the assistance of a life insurance attorney.

Many state laws protect life insurance beneficiaries from denial of life insurance proceeds based on failure to submit proof of loss. Such protections allow beneficiaries to submit a claim after a missed deadline but within a reasonable period of time.

A reasonable period of time will differ from case to case and may range from a few weeks to several years after the deadline. A life insurance attorney experienced in handling life insurance claim denials based on failure to submit proof of loss will help you evaluate your case and advise you of the best course of action.

If a loved one passed away untimely, you may be grieving and not be able to focus on your financial affairs. Many people who lost a family member go through a difficult time of readjustment and do not deal with life insurance issues immediately.

In other cases, family members may not even know there was a life insurance policy in place at the time of their loved one’s death and discover a policy several years later.

Whatever the case may be, if there was life insurance coverage at the time of the insured’s death, a claim should be filed. If an insurance company told you that you would not be eligible for any life insurance benefits, because of the time lapse between the insured’s death and your inquiry, please call our life insurance lawyers for a free consultation.

Many people give up on filing a claim after an insurance company tells them they should not file a claim, because it will be denied.

Consult with a lawyer specializing in the field of life insurance law, an attorney who will understand the financial difficulties you are going through after a loved one’s death. We are here to help. Call (888) 510-2212 for a free consultation on how to collect a denied life insurance claim.

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