$500,000 Delayed Claim Paid After Foreign Death

Our client contacted our law firm for help after her life insurance claim had been delayed for several months. The insured in this case died in a foreign country, and the insurance company began a lengthy foreign death investigation. Generally, if the insured person dies abroad, the insurance company investigates every detail surrounding the death. In this case, the investigators travelled to the country where the death occurred, interviewed local authorities, questioned witnesses and examined death records. Needless to say, our client was bombarded with unreasonable demands for a lot of information, documents, records, etc. This added a lot of stress to our client, who was at the time grieving the death of her parent.

When our life insurance attorneys took over the case, we started handling the matters with the insurance company and the investigative office directly without our client’s involvement. We questioned the information the insurer demanded and oversaw the review. The goal was to expedite the claim and to shield our client from the stressful communication with the investigators. We also made sure that only relevant information was requested and no unnecessary demands were made. The claim was finally paid with interest and our client was happy to move on.

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