Accidental Death Insurance: What to Do if Your Claim for Benefits Has Been Denied

what does accidental death insurance cover

Accidental death policies are designed to provide financial support to beneficiaries when the insured dies due to an accident. Unfortunately, as with many life insurance policies, accidental death claims are frequently delayed or denied. This happens because insurance companies routinely apply numerous exclusions that exclude accidental deaths from coverage. 

What to Do If Your Life Insurance Claim Is Denied: The Complete Plan to Appeal and Win

how to appeal insurance claim denial

People obtain life insurance policies as part of financial planning for their loved ones’ future. Life insurance protects those who rely on the insured’s ongoing financial support and will suffer in the event that this support is withdrawn. Ideally, the insurer will pay the full policy amount after the insured’s death. Unfortunately, this does not […]

Does Life Insurance Cover Accidental Drug Overdose?

does life insurance cover drug overdose

Both life insurance and accidental death insurance can cover accidental drug overdose in some scenarios. While life insurance covers most causes of death, accidental death coverage pays only for accidents. People buying accidental death coverage often think that this type of insurance covers any accident as long as the person did not die of natural […]