Does Life Insurance Cover Suicidal Death? Lawyers Explain if the Policy Will Pay Out

does life insurance cover suicide

With suicide rates increasing in the United States, insurers take measures to protect themselves against individuals who buy policies while intending to commit suicide so that their loved ones could benefit from the life insurance payout. This means that there are circumstances when companies may refuse to pay out, leaving the family not only grieving […]

How Long Does a Beneficiary Have to Claim Life Insurance Policy After Death?

how long to collect life insurance

When people lose a loved one, they usually go through a difficult readjustment during which financial matters such as life insurance and estate matters may be put on hold. Sometimes the beneficiary may not even know the decedent had life insurance or named them as a beneficiary.  What happens when they discover there is life […]

What Is a Life Insurance Grace Period and How Does It Work?

life insurance grace period

A life insurance policy provides financial security for insureds and their beneficiaries in exchange for regular premium payments by the policyholder. Paying a premium in time is essential to keep the life insurance policy in force. However, missed payments happen. To protect people from an inadvertent policy lapse due to a missed premium insurance laws […]

How to File a Life Insurance Claim for Benefits After Death

how to claim life insurance

If a loved one passed away untimely, you may be grieving and not be able to focus on your financial affairs. Many people who lost a family member go through a difficult time of readjustment and do not deal with life insurance issues immediately.

Accidental Death Insurance Payouts: What to Do if Your AD&D Claim for Benefits Is Denied

what does accidental death insurance cover

Accidental death policies are designed to provide financial support to beneficiaries when the insured dies due to an accident. Unfortunately, as with many life insurance policies, accidental death claims are frequently delayed or denied. This happens because insurance companies routinely apply numerous exclusions that exclude accidental deaths from coverage.

What Is the Death Benefit of a Life Insurance Policy: A Lawyer’s Definition

life insurance death benefit definition

People buy life insurance policies to provide financial support to their loved ones once they die. This makes the death benefit the most important part of the policy. But what is the death benefit exactly and how does it work? These are questions life insurance beneficiaries should ask to ensure they can collect their insurance […]

ERISA Litigation Basics: How to Deal with Lawsuits

erisa litigation

ERISA controls many group life insurance plans. Among the many rights the law gives to plan members and participants is the right to bring a suit to recover plan benefits. ERISA is a complex federal law and affects the way attorneys handle claims, appeals and litigation.