Denied Life Insurance Claim Due to Beneficiary Change

Our client was the sole primary beneficiary on his ex-wife’s individual life insurance policy. When he learned of his wife’s passing and filed a claim for life insurance benefits, the insurance company informed him that his claim could not be paid because a competing claim for benefits had been filed by the ex-wife’s daughter.  The […]

ADD Claim Denied Due to Intoxication

The insured in this case died in a motorcycle accident. At the time of his death he was covered by a group life insurance policy.  The policy provided basic life insurance, and double indemnity if the insured died solely through violent, external and accidental means.The insurer refused to pay the additional accidental death benefits on […]

Employer Liable for Denied Life Insurance Claim

Our client’s employer offered group life insurance coverage to her and her family. She applied for coverage for her domestic partner. Her application was approved and premiums for dependent group coverage were deducted from her paycheck. When her domestic partner died, however, the insurance company denied her claim stating that she failed to provide a […]

Insured Drowned, but ADD Claim Denied

Our client, the surviving spouse of the insured, called us after her accidental death claim was denied following her husband’s tragic death. On the day of his death, her husband spent time with the family by a lake playing ball. He drowned in the lake when he swam too far trying to recover the ball […]

Claim Denied Due to Drugs

The insured in this case died as a result of polysubstance drug toxicity of Methadone-Xanax-Lamotrigine-Quentiapine-Cyclobezaprine-Promethazine. She was covered under an accidental death policy. Her husband filed a claim for ADD benefits following her death. The insurance company denied his claim stating: “Based on the information we have received, it would appear exclusion [x] applies and […]

Insurer Claims Fall is not Accident

Our client called us after her accidental death claim was denied by a large insurance company. The client’s mother fell in the kitchen, landed on her right hip and had a right hip fracture as a result of the fall, which required surgical treatment. She died two days later in the hospital. In its denial […]

Ex-Wife’s Benefits Denied Without Explanation

Our law firm recently represented a client whose claim for life insurance benefits was denied without a proper explanation. Our client’s ex-husband left her as a beneficiary on his life insurance policy after their divorce. A year after his death, however, the insurance sent her a denial letter. Our client came to us after she […]

ADD Claim Denied Due To Marijuana

Our law firm recovered benefits for a client whose accidental death claim was denied due to an illicit drug exclusion in the insurance policy. The insured died in a single vehicle crash after he lost control of his motorcycle. His cause of death was stated as multiple blunt injuries and the manner of death was […]

Children of Deceased Insured Paid in Beneficiary Dispute Settlement

Kadetskaya Law Firm represented children of an insured who was covered under a group life insurance policy. The children came to us after unsuccessfully trying to obtain payment from the insurance company. The clients’ parents were divorced and, as part of the divorce, their father was ordered by court to maintain his employer-provided life insurance […]