Common Carrier / Trip Insurance Issues

For many of us, traveling is an indispensable part of our lives. Whether we travel for business, go on vacations or visit families in other states and countries, we care greatly about safety of our trips. Mishaps and accidents do happen, however.

Many employers requiring business travel from their employees offer wide protections when it comes to trip coverage. Still, it is not rare for frequent travelers to obtain private common carrier insurance.

Many Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) policies have several riders providing additional insurance coverage, such as coverage of exposure and disappearance, flight accident insurance and common carrier insurance. Generally, they provide additional insurance coverage when the accident involves a common carrier.

  • Coverage of Exposure will result in a payout to the beneficiary if the insured was unavoidably exposed to the elements due to an accident resulting in the disappearance, sinking or damaging of a common carrier aboard which the insured was a passenger and if, as a result of such exposure, the insured sustained a loss for which benefits would otherwise be payable.
  • Coverage of Disappearance is designed to pay benefits if the insured disappeared due to an accident resulting in the disappearance, sinking or damaging of a common carrier aboard which the insured was a passenger and if his/her body is not found within 52 weeks of such accident. The insurance company will usually presume that the insured sustained loss of life as a result of injury covered by such insurance.
  • Flight Accident Insurance guarantees benefits to a beneficiary when the insured died or sustained dismemberment as a result of injury suffered while travelling as a fare-paying passenger, not as pilot or crew member, aboard aircraft.
  • Common Carrier Accident insurance pays benefits when death or dismemberment occurs as a result of injury sustained during the covered trip while the insured:
    • was on airport premises immediately prior to boarding or after alighting from an aircraft; or
    • travelling as a passenger in an airport limousine, bus or other ground vehicle provided or arranged for by the airline or airport authority for the purpose of boarding or alighting from an aircraft; or
    • travelling to or from the airport in connection with a flight that is part of the trip.
  • 24-Hour Accident Insurance: In addition to regular common carrier coverage, many policies offer benefits for death or dismemberment resulting from injury sustained during a trip while the insured is in any situation other than those listed in Flight Accident Insurance and Common Carrier Accident Insurance.

Common Carrier Insurance Exclusions

Almost every insurance contract has exclusions that, if applicable, will result in denial of AD&D benefits. Exclusions vary from contract to contract and may be interpreted in many different ways. Some of the most common exclusions applicable to this type of coverage are:

  • Committing or attempting to commit an illegal act or criminal act;
  • Participating or voluntary exposure to any risk from war, invasion of foreign enemy; hostilities; civil war, riot, rebellion; revolution or insurrection; act of military power; or any service in the armed forces;
  • Labor disruptions or strikes (legal or illegal);
  • Medication, drugs or toxic substance abuse or overdose; alcohol abuse, alcoholism or an accident while being impaired by drugs or alcohol;
  • Suicide (including any attempt at suicide) or self-inflicted injury;
  • Participation in any sports as a professional athlete or in any competitive motorized sporting events, racing or speed contests;
  • Injury sustained while making a parachute jump for any purpose other than to save your life.

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