Delayed FEGLI Claims

A life insurance claim is delayed if it has not been paid by the insurance company within 30 days from the date a beneficiary filed a notice of claim and submitted all necessary supporting documents. Processing a claim usually involves reviewing several documents and the claims examiner may request additional information from the beneficiary during the process. If the beneficiary complies with the requests for information and documents, the insurance company must pay the claim. If, however, additional documentation is unavailable or there are other issues with the claim, the insurer may delay paying it.

If your FEGLI claim has not been paid within 30 days, it is best to have a consultation with a FEGLI attorney. Our FEGLI attorneys know how FEGLI claims are reviewed and what information the insurance company needs to pay your claim fast. Our delayed FEGLI claim attorney will help you collect your delayed FEGLI benefits fast. Expediting a delayed life insurance claim requires vast legal knowledge and expertise in FEGLI laws. This is the reason it should not be a do-it-yourself project. With the assistance of a FEGLI lawyer, your chances of collecting a delayed FEGLI claim are much higher than if you chose to do it yourself. We have handled life insurance claim delays due to the following reasons:

FEGLI claim is delayed due to insufficient supporting documents;

FEGLI claim is delayed because a death certificate cannot be obtained;

FEGLI claim is delayed due to several competing claims filed;

FEGLI claim is delayed due to a beneficiary contest;

FEGLI claim is delayed due to a beneficiary dispute;

FEGLI claim is delayed when only one witness signed a beneficiary change form;

FEGLI claim is delayed when a beneficiary change form was received after the insured’s death;

FEGLI claim is delayed due to no beneficiary designation on file;

FEGLI claim is delayed due to issues with percentages of FEGLI benefits assigned to several beneficiaries;

FEGLI claim is delayed due to two executors of the decedent’s estate filing competing claims for benefits.

Our FEGLI attorneys have successfully handled many denied and delayed claims and know what it takes to have a life insurance claim paid. We have resolved many FEGLI beneficiary disputes and beneficiary contests. If your claim has been delayed due to a beneficiary contest, our beneficiary dispute attorneys will guide you through the process. Whatever the reason behind your FEGLI claim delay is, we are here to help. Our life insurance attorneys work on a contingent fee basis and will only get paid after you win your case. There is no legal fee if there is no recovery.

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