Denied FEGLI Claims

People purchase life insurance to protect their loved ones in the event of death. When a life insurance claim is paid, the insured’s family members can use the proceeds to pay for funeral expenses and other financial obligations associated with the death of a loved one. However, when a claim is denied, the family may be left with debt and unpaid funeral bills. Denied life insurance claims may result not only in a financial strain for the entire family, but they also cause confusion and frustration. After all, we all buy life insurance depending on the insurer’s promise that the claim will be paid in the event of death. Needless to say, dealing with a denied life insurance claim after the death of a family member is too difficult for a grieving relative.

When a FEGLI claim is denied, you should consult with an experienced FEGLI attorney to understand the reason behind the claim denial. Because the laws governing FEGLI claims are very complex, it is necessary to get advice from a life insurance attorney specializing in the field of FEGLI laws. There are many reasons behind a denied FEGLI claim and in the majority of cases, they are related to failure to comply with strict FEGLI regulations. For example, the rules governing designation of a FEGLI beneficiary must be followed in order for the designation to be held valid. The most common reasons for denying a FEGLI claim are:

  • Denial Due to Beneficiary Disputes
  • Denial Due to Invalid Beneficiary Designation
  • Denial Due to No Beneficiary Designation on Record
  • Denial Due to Competing Claimants
  • Denial Due to Issues with Eligibility
  • Denial Due to No Coverage at the Time of Death
  • Denial Due to Insufficient Documents to Support a Claim
  • Denial Due to Issues with Eligibility
  • Denial of Part of a Claim Due to Mix-Up in Optional Coverage Amounts
  • Denial Due to Non-Payment of Premiums

FEGLI claims are governed by FEGLIA (Federal Employees Group Life Insurance Act). FEGLIA is complex and in order to understand how it affects your FEGLI claim, you should speak with a FEGLI attorney. At our law firm, our FEGLI lawyers handle claims that have been denied for a variety of reasons. Our FEGLI lawyers are some of the most experienced and highly respected legal professionals dealing with the prosecution of claims against insurance companies. We represent clients whose insurance company has failed and refused to pay claims arising out of FEGLI claims.

Our firm also has extensive experience with the complex appeals procedure and litigation of FEGLI matters. We have helped many people who have had their FEGLI benefits denied. Many people may not know that their FEGLI claims are subject to Federal laws and thus exempt from state law. In many of these cases remedies are limited and the timelines for filing appeals are very strict. Our FEGLI Lawyers have vast experience in handling matters in the specialized area of FEGLIA.

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