Denied VGLI Claims

VGLI coverage is designed to protect veterans’ families and dependents in the unfortunate event of a veteran’s death. Since VGLI policies are binding contracts between the insured veteran and the insurance company, beneficiaries may wonder how the insurance company can deny their claim after they lost a loved one. Certainly, some claims are rightfully denied. However, many VGLI claim denials are based on incomplete materials, missing documents and incorrect interpretation of the laws controlling VGLI claims. If the insurer does not act in good faith, an experienced, dedicated VGLI attorney at our law firm will work hard to help VGLI beneficiaries receive the VGLI benefits to which they are entitled under the law.

What Are The Reasons For a Denied VGLI Claim?

Understanding various reasons for denial of VGLI claims may help you understand whether your claim was unfairly denied.

Cancellation of Policy: the insurer may claim that the policy had been cancelled prior to the insured’s death.

Ineligibility for VGLI coverage: a VGLI claim may be denied if the insurance company claims the deceased veteran did not meet the VGLI eligibility criteria.

Misrepresentation on the VGLI application: the insurance company may deny a VGLI claim on the basis of some incorrect or missing information on the application for VGLI coverage.

Some of these practices may be dishonest and claim denials may be based on incorrect information. Beneficiaries who have been depending on the insurance company to pay the death benefit so they can pay the burial expenses and move on with their life could be left with nothing.

Why You Need a Life Insurance Attorney

It is crucial to know that far too often the reasons for denied VGLI claims are not legitimate and any life insurance claim denial should be thoroughly examined. Since many VGLI claim denial can be overturned on appeal, our VGLI attorneys encourage you not to take a claim denial as the final word. Speak to one of our VGLI lawyers to understand your rights and options.

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