Denied Life Insurance Claims Due to Policy Lapse

Policy lapse is one of the main reasons insurance companies deny a life insurance claim. While it is true that policy lapse may be a valid reason for denial, many life insurance policies are wrongfully lapsed by insurance companies. Our life insurance lapse lawyers work with beneficiaries of life insurance policies whose payout has been denied by the insurer, claiming that the policy has lapsed.

Life insurance laws for lapsed policies place certain obligations on insurance companies and provide protections to policyowners and their beneficiaries. If the insurer fails to follow the law when deciding that a policy was invalid at the time of death, beneficiaries may still be entitled to the payout despite the apparent lapse in coverage. To improve your chances of recovery, you need the help of an experienced life insurance lapse attorney.

At our life insurance law firm, we are always available for a free consultation. We will review your file and let you know whether we can recover your claim based on a lapsed policy. If your claim was unfairly denied due to failure to pay premiums, we will fight for you to recover what is rightfully yours. Call us at (888) 510-2212.

Our Experience in Handling Lapsed Life Insurance Claim Denials

Our life insurance lapse attorneys are aware of the tactics insurers use to deny payment in cases involving lapsed life insurance policies and have successfully recovered lapsed policy claims due to the following:

  • The insurance company did not send a premium-due notice within the required time frame;
  • The insurer did not send a lapse notice that complies with state laws;
  • The insurer failed to send a premium-due notice to the correct address;
  • The insurer did not send an annual notice asking policyowners to name a third party to receive premium-due notices and lapse letters;
  • The insurer failed to keep a policy active during the life insurance grace period
  • The insurer provided a grace period that is shorter than required by the law; 
  • The insurer failed to provide information about life insurance conversion and portability rights when the policyowner left their job or retired.

We have recovered millions for beneficiaries facing the situations above. With years of experience, we have the knowledge that you need to hold insurance companies accountable when they fail to pay your claim. Here are a few case examples of successfully recovered claims:

If you find yourself in one of the situations described above or you simply need legal advice, call a life insurance lapse attorney at our law firm for help.

How Our Life Insurance Lapse Attorneys Can Help Recover Your Payout

If you are a life insurance beneficiary and your claim was denied due to policy lapse, it is important not to take the denial at face value. Insurance companies’ failure to follow lapse laws might mean that the policyowner was not at fault for missing paying the premium, and you have a chance at recovering the death benefit. Our life insurance lawyers will investigate the circumstances of the denied claim and let you know of your legal options.

We are skilled at handling complex circumstances surrounding lapsed life insurance claim denials, and can assist you through all the steps of the claims process:

We have handled denied claims against many companies, including MassMutual, Pacific Life, Hartford Life, Genworth, and many more. You can find the complete list here.

Life Insurance Lapse Lawyer Fee

We work on a contingent fee basis – that means you pay attorney fees only if we win your case. We offer competitive contingent fee structures and will work with you to ensure you are comfortable with the fee.

If your life insurance claim has been denied due to a policy lapse, contact our life insurance lawyers for a free consultation. Call us at (888) 510-2212.


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