When people purchase life insurance coverage, they rely on the insurance company’s promise to honor their claim in the future. Policyowners rarely think about what happens if a life insurance company does not keep its promise and denies their claim. New buyers of life insurance coverage will benefit from a consultation with a life insurance attorney who will review their new policy and explain all the situations when the insurer will pay the claim and when the claim may be denied. Beneficiaries whose claims are unfairly delayed or denied always get better results with the help of a life insurance lawyer.

Life insurance laws are very complex and may come into play with laws surrounding other fields, such as family, divorce, trusts, estates, wills, federal regulations and real estate. A denied life insurance claim may be controlled by state or federal laws and the outcome of the case may depend on what law governs it. Due to the complex nature of life insurance laws, dealing with a denied or delayed life insurance claim should never be a do-it-yourself project. It should involve advice of an experienced life insurance attorney who has handled many denied and delayed life insurance claims.

At our law firm, we offer the experience and expertise in the life insurance field that you can trust. Our life insurance attorneys are professionals whose dedication and knowledge will help you achieve the results you are seeking.  Our life insurance lawyers have successfully handled many denied and delayed life insurance claims, SGLI claims, FEGLI claims, interpleaders, and beneficiary disputes. For a free consultation, call (888) 510-2212.