Tatiana Kadetskaya

Tatiana Kadetskaya

Practice Areas: Life Insurance Claim Denials, Beneficiary Disputes,  ERISA, and more.
Licensed in Pennsylvania since: 2012
Education: Rutgers University School of Law
Languages Spoken: English, Russian

Selected to Avvo Clients Choice Award 2021.

Kadetskaya Law Firm is an insurance law firm dedicated to providing highly qualified legal counseling and representation on a wide range of complex insurance matters. Our life insurance attorneys are best known for collecting wrongfully delayed and denied life insurance claims fast and settling complex beneficiary disputes and interpleader lawsuits.

At our law firm, our goal is to recover life insurance benefits for you as soon as possible. We represent life insurance beneficiaries and policy owners whose claims for benefits have been wrongfully denied or delayed. We offer a wide range of services ranging from filing administrative appeals to litigating bad faith insurance cases in courts. Our passion is protecting your rights and ensuring your life insurance claim is handled with the utmost attention and professionalism. Our clients are important to us. We pride ourselves in establishing a professional attorney-client relationship that fosters trust and clear communication. The result of our dedication, passion and hard work is a high percentage of successful cases.

Kadetskaya Law Firm is devoted to the practice of insurance law. We offer a wealth of experience in all aspects of insurance law: life insurance claim delays and denials, accidental death coverage denials, disability insurance, accelerated death benefits denials, ERISAs denials and appeals, beneficiary disputes, interpleader litigation,insurance bad faith litigation and general insurance matters.

Our clients come to us at an emotional and often traumatic time in their lives, usually involving death of a loved one, a terminal illness, a loss of limb or a disability. We work patiently and closely with our clients to deal with their individual concerns and achieve a successful resolution of each case. Our insurance law firm has successfully represented a spectrum of individuals with various insurance issues. Kadetskaya Law Firm is particularly capable of analyzing and protecting the interests of beneficiaries, policy owners, insureds and their family members. Our first step in delivering legal services is to establish reasonable objectives. We do not promise what is impossible to achieve.

After analyzing relevant data, documentations, insurance policies and insurers’ records, we outline goals and recommend a strategy designed to achieve them. The contingent fee structure is discussed immediately and explained to the client. Our clients are advised promptly of all case developments and are encouraged to participate actively in every strategy decision. We deliver superior service on a contingent fee basis. After final settlement is reached, we carefully draft releases, court orders and closing documents to prevent the necessity for future clarification and litigation. We take great pride in the quality of our work and how well they have served our clients. At the conclusion of a case, our clients are ready to move on with their lives. Here are some of the things we do best:

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