A Minnesota woman was charged with defrauding Mutual of Omaha Insurance Company of more than $2 million in life insurance by making a fake claim about her husband’s death.

According to the criminal complaint, the insured bought a life insurance policy on his life from Mutual of Omaha and listed his wife and son as the beneficiaries. 18 months after the policy became effective, the insured was reported dead in Moldova.

His wife traveled to Moldova and identified the body. She then returned to Minnesota and filed a life insurance claim for death benefits with Mutual of Omaha. The insurance company paid her and her son more than $2 million in life insurance proceeds.

According to the court documents, the beneficiaries then transferred around $1.5 million of the life insurance payout to accounts located in Switzerland and Moldova. Allegedly, an anonymous tip informed the government that the insured was alive.

When the insured’s son was stopped by Customs and Border Protection in Detroit on his way back from a trip to Moldova, the government found pictures of him and the insured that were taken after the date the insured was reported dead.

The woman is charged with defrauding an insurance company and the son is charged with concealing a fraudulent scheme.